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Vivere with my girls for Ain’s debut!

Vivere with my girls for Ain’s debut!


Result? 98% family. The rest? With my friends <3

Family bonding all month long. My cousins went home from other countries, pool parties, every weekend my family goes to Tagaytay to check the house and been piggin’ out, my kinakapatid went to Indonesia for 3 weeks (good thing she’s home now huhu missed you, love)

Food porn forever <3

And with my friends! Pig out and movie marathon with my girls (Jam and Nads), Star City with Jam and Gelo, The one and only meet up I attended this summer, and Jam’s birthday with my favorite peeps in da cribs ma!

Thanks to my GF (Nikol) I got a big break! Well, for me it is. Twinkle Ferraren collection at Zalora! Wah! You can check it out here > TwinkleFerrarenCollection

And then this happened <3 I love you! Will tell you more about him soon :)

Went to Mind Museum at Taguig. This is the 7th time I went to a museum and to be honest Mind Museum is now my favorite! Then went to F1. Hotel life again, non-stop swimming, food porn, movie marathon, long walk at Taguig. Loving the night life there!

Prieto clan! My cousin got married! Yey! Hotel life again for 3 days, the fun part was all of my relatives are in one floor, so I keep disturbing them just to get food haha! Elevator lag. I was dizzy as fuck! Been swimming non-stop. Thumbs up to my cousin who rented Starbucks. Coffee rush!

Before: November 7, 2000 | After: June 1, 2014 — meet my cousin who I haven’t seen in ages! But good thing we still had the communication. He is only 17 years old, he’s freakin’ a 6 footer guy already and I’m here 20 years old and still 5’5! He is so gwapo now! Hi my giant cousin! I missed you!

Series marathon. Got addicted. My inner fan girl keeps posting.

On the last day of my vacation we went to Caliraya. I didn’t swim at the beach because I saw a freakin’ snake and sea urchin and yey for pool! 

And that’s my summer 2014 adventure! I had fun! But it was kinda boring because we didn’t go to Zambales and the whole summer I didn’t train for surfing and swimming *sobs* I’m unhealthy and underweight. Lost 20 pounds in a month and I don’t know why? I’ve been eating but it happened! As usual when I’m gonna have my period I’m gonna get sick! It’s either before, during or after my period that I’ll get sick. Family bonding non-stop and been hangin’ out with my girlfriends. 3rd year college here I come! One more year and I’m graduating! Hopefully! And lastly, I need to save up for my birthday and some future outing/s.

x <3